Simple Download Monitor problems

Started by pepak, November 04, 2009, 11:46:40 AM

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The cause is quite simple: The plugin was intended for downloading, so it sends HTTP headers useful for downloading (which incidentally prevent display in pages). Support of "hotlink monitoring" like you suggest is possible and even feasible. I'll look into it in near future (I hope).


Thanks for the would be a great addition to the plugin if it could do you know any other plugin that can do that? i've been searching for a few months for one but didnt find one


hai pepak, this great plugin plugin is just what i need, but i can't make it work.

ok here is my situation, i had a folder named download located in root, an inside it has 2 sub-folder

after i install plugin and go to wp-admin -> setting -> Simple Download Monitor
- in Allowed directories i put ==>  download/
- in Allowed extensions i put ==> zip|rar|7z|avi|mkv
- in Store detailed logs? ==> i check Use detailed statistics.

and then i put
RewriteRule ^(download/.*) /index.php?sdmon=$1 [L]
directly above RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
as instructed

but when i go to wp-admin ->  tools -> Simple Download Monitor
there's no file at all......
there is text :

All downloads

Show nonexistent downloads

     Filename      Download count    Last date

but my files aren't showing.

am i missing something ? i'm at lost now
i hope you can point me to right direction



Quote from: Rizaldybut my files aren't showing.

am i missing something ? i'm at lost now
i hope you can point me to right direction
The files don't show until someone downloads them. So the first step should be, try to download some of your files and see if they appear in the list.

Try to download one of your files through a special link: instead of, try to use If it downloads, then the plugin is configured correctly and either your .htaccess file is incorrect or your webhoster doesn't support it (or mod_rewrite). Try the steps I suggested to Forge earlier in this thread.


Thanks for fast reply pepak :D

i tried the

and it work!!

at first i thought that all my download folder and file in it will be listed in tools -> Simple Download Manager.
but, it's just listed the file being downloaded, now i understand :D

thank again pepak, and thanks for this great plugin :D


Works perfectly, nicely done! One question: how to reset to stats to zero?


There is no function for that, but you can simply delete all content from the two SDMON tables in PhpMyAdmin (or whatever you use for MySQL management).


Quote from: pepakSupport of "hotlink monitoring" like you suggest is possible and even feasible. I'll look into it in near future (I hope).

any prediction on this feature?


I didn't have the time this weekend, but I'll look at it this week.


It works! Now I just need to remember how one uploads plugins to the WordPress repository.


And it is online! Crowds rejoice and Pepak is showered with glory. Or something like that. ;-)


Version 0.08 supports deletion of selected statistics.


I created 'facul' and within this directory has no other directories and subdirectories and files scattered as I create it. Htaccess file for the plugin to work properly?
I put the htaccess in the 'facul' with the following lines:
Options + Indexes

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^ (optional /facul/.*) / index.php? Sdmon = $ 1 [L]


I am not quite sure what you are trying to say. But looking at your .htacess file, I can see that there are several major errors:

- You have a number of extra spaces where there should be none
- the "optional" string shouldn't be there at all, unless all your files are stored in /optional/facul/...
- "Sdmon" should have a lower-case "s".

Why didn't you copy the relevant line from the readme file exactly as it was written there? Then you would simply replace files with facul and be done with it.


I has directory "facul" inside this folder has other many folders and files. I want create one .htaccess in "facul" and this working for all files and directory inside in "facul"

In .htaccess has this lines:

RewriteRule ^(facul/.*) /index.php?sdmon=$1 [L]

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