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Started by Andreas, September 04, 2013, 12:50:33 PM

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yesterday i stumbled upon your program YTD. I wanted to download a movie (Alois Nebel) from ivysilani, the online service of public czech television. It all worked very well, besides the fact, that it probably downloads only the SD stream (size is only 400MB). I is clear, it is rather a problem of getting the right adress for the HD video. Nevertheless i ask you because you have probably more knowledge on this, and the video is only available until saturday.
I hope you can help me out. Maybe there is a rule for other sources as well.
Thank you very much and thank you for your great tool.



YTD always downloads the highest-quality video it can find. Basically, that can mean one of two possibilities for Alois Nebel: 1) SD stream is the best quality available. 2) There's a bug in YTD which prevents a proper identification of the best stream. In either case, there's not much you can do. You could try to download the video from the command line, because then YTD will print out a command which would let you download the video "by hand", using WGET, MSDL or RTMPDUMP (as appropriate for that particular video); you could then try to play with the parameters (e.g. if you saw something like "Video_240p.mp4", you could try to change the command line so that this parameter read "Video_720p.mp4" and maybe you'd get lucky - some providers are more tolerant to this kind of manipulations that others, and if I remember correctly, is one of those more tolerant).

If you post a link, I can check for the best quality by hand.


Thank you for your reply. I have tried the command line modus and as you said there is really a line hidden in the content url for the actual stream (. In this case YTD downloads the version for the blind (with czech audio description :-().
  Content URL: rtmpdump  -v -R -r "rtmp://
Rrh2j7zNFhtQA5-01&publisher=lss" -a "ct-vod/_definst_?id=HRrh2j7zNFhtQA5-01&publ
isher=lss" -y "mp4:iVysilani/2013/09/02/AloisNebelCT-020913-MP4_404p_AD.mp4" -s
"" -o "C:\Users\comput
er\Videos\Titulky -- Alois Nebel; 31. 8. 2013 -- iVysílání -- Ceská televize (1)
The url for the film is
I have changed 404p_AD to 720p in this url and tried to run ytd with this long adress and with this part:

Rrh2j7zNFhtQA5-01&publisher=lss" -a "ct-vod/_definst_?id=HRrh2j7zNFhtQA5-01&publ
isher=lss" -y "mp4:iVysilani/2013/09/02/AloisNebelCT-020913-MP4_720p.mp4

but it doesnt work. Maybe you could still help me.


Andreas, I just tried it with the version of RTMPDUMP I have (some build of v2.4), and the movie downloads just fine. I used command line:

rtmpdump -v -R -r "rtmp://" -a "ct-vod/_definst_?id=HRrh2j7zNFhtQA5-01&publisher=lss" -y "mp4:iVysilani/2013/09/02/AloisNebelCT-020913-MP4_720p.mp4" -o "Alois Nebel.flv"

I think that if you download a recent RTMPDUMP somewhere, unzip it and run this command line, you'll get your video just fine.


Thank you for your efforts. I tried this but i received this error message:
Connecting ...
INFO: Connected...
ERROR: rtmp server sent error
ERROR: rtmp server requested close
Maybe the link was outdated (i read somewher these links have a very short validity).
So i tried to get a valid one using firebug (not expierienced with that) but could not find something nearly similar like yours.
Finaly i looked for other possibilities and had succsess with the tool streamtransport. The movie is downloaded and looks good (HD).
Nevertheless,  i am a little bit curious how (where from) you got this adress, in case one has a similar problem sometimes.
BTW. we will not watch the movie very soon, because i got to know right yesterday, that it will be in cinemas here in germany finaly until the end of year :).



Quote from: Andreas on September 06, 2013, 10:27:05 PMNevertheless,  i am a little bit curious how (where from) you got this adress, in case one has a similar problem sometimes.
I am afraid I don't understand: You posted all the required info yourself on September 5. I just modified the command line a bit, to reflect the higher-quality version.

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