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Discussion in english / Support for
September 20, 2014, 12:20:23 AM
YTD is a great downloader, so... could autor please look, how hard it will be to add support for server?

For example this one:

It just report "Nepodařilo se najít stránku informací o médiu." ...and it won't start downloading, then.
Not for us, obviously.
No matter what I do, I cannot download this vid, for example:

It reports always only "Nepodařilo se stáhnout stránku informací o médiu."  ::)
YewTube by default use https links, so it should work (eg. start download) "as it is" ...  The YewTube link do work when https is changed to http, so it should be noproblemo.

However few times I already had a problem downloading video from YewTube and even it mostly was fixable by using the YewTube short link, todays I encuntered case, where this does not help - and nothing helped :(

Please fix.  The video is this one:

Short link is this:

...and neither one work in YTD at first try. When restarted, it worked and downloaded the video. I, of course, worry that the video will be gone soon, so downloading it is paramount.
Discussion in english / Re: Support for
August 12, 2014, 04:19:06 PM
Great news! Many thanks!  ;)
Okay, fair enought. So, bump for support for this:

Software / Re: Konverze videa
July 18, 2014, 11:23:11 AM
Mně se na konverzi z mp4 nebo mkv, atd. do avi osvědčil VirtualDub. Pokud danou kompresi video/audia lze v AVI užít (audio se dá vcelku rychle reencodovat) tak stačí dát Direct Stream Copy a uložit otevřený soubor jako avi (jinak VirtualDub ani ukládat neumí)...

Jen vyjimečně to nejde.

VirtualDub musí být se všemi pluginy, aby otevřel mp4, mkv, flv a pod. soubory a uložil je jako avi - zde je:

Snad vám to pomůže, je to celkem jednoduché. Hlavně navolit "Direct Stream Copy" v menu Video. Jinak to bude reencodovat video... Audio je tak nastaveno defaultně.
#37 are working nicely, thanks a lot, Pepak!  ;)  :) is not yet working, but maybe it will... someday? :)
Discussion in english / Support for
July 18, 2014, 11:15:02 AM
YTD is a great downloader, so... could autor please look, how hard it will be to add support for


It does not download the video(s) presented there and it would be a very nice if that will be possible, since the eyewitness claims that SU-25 downed the Boeing 777 MH17 in Ukraine, so that information should be saved ASAP, before the propaganda machine try to destroy this information completely.
I do wonder, how hard will be to include a support for the videos. The link to the article not work - not the long version:

...or the short version:

yield any results. How can the video be downloaded...? Using latest v1.30 version of YTD  ;)

...same way I ended up with Dailymail:
Discussion in english / How to download embeded video?
September 10, 2013, 07:29:48 PM
I looking for way how to download embeded video to page like this one:
or that one:

I tried searching in the source and feeding the links that seems to point to the video into YTD, yet unsucesfully. What I doing wrong?

IMHO these are the right ones:

Discussion in english / Re: Videos from ...?
August 31, 2013, 11:58:19 PM
Okay, okay. It is quite standard to bump a issue till it get attention, but problem is fixed now - someone good on in /r/ helped poor me and managed to come up with this link:

QuoteGo to this web page and save it.

The video name is:

...witch immediatelly worked right away. Saved the vid as .mp4 and it plays just fine. later I would like to know what I or YTD did wrong, so we did not get the first video...
Discussion in english / Re: Videos from ...?
August 29, 2013, 08:32:22 PM
Why? What is wrong? I just need a little help, because I cannot seems to be able to download the wanted video... is this too much to ask?  ???
Discussion in english / Re: Videos from ...?
August 29, 2013, 01:33:15 PM
BUMP for help of getting the 1st video from this page:

Pretty please with suggar on top?  :-[
O tomto webu / Re: Bugy fóra
August 28, 2013, 11:01:54 PM
Je zajímavé, že při reply v tom topicu to zase ukázalo ten chybějící template, přitom založení topicu bylo v pohodě.

Podle mně je to v tom, že to fórum prostě má někde nastaveno sledování založených témat a snaží se odesílat emaily...  Ale co s tím videjkem prvním? Kdybych na té stránce našel URL odkaz... ale ani ve zdrojáku, ani když dám v tom flashi že chci link... a ani když enbeded to video... prostě vzdoruje mně...
Discussion in english / Re: Videos from ...?
August 28, 2013, 10:59:03 PM
I don't care about political campaingn, I just want the first video downloaded, because I fear it get delated/removed and God know what else :)

Don't be so suspicious and pls help :-[

And yes, it is a streaming video, but God know from what site. I think it is a deliberately obfuscated :(
Please help me to obtain it.