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Dunno what you mean... Into the prividers.txt file are only this info:    | HLS      |       |
...where is mentiones that /porady/ will not work?

But whatever.

A slight BUMP for the fix, pretty please with suggar on top?

I have to report, that after installing the OpenSSL 1.02 light, YTD started downloading from YouTube w/o and troubles. So I was right, that resintalling Windows have absolutely nothing to do with it. Switch to HTTPS did this...

So thanks for your patience  ;) off to make it work on Win7 too...
After update to v1.46 it is not possible to start YouTube download.
Interesting thing - when - after holding the space for some time - the program finally start to "Preparing the download", then clicking (LMB) anywhere else into the free parts of YTD window cause INSTANT change to "Paused" ...

Also clicking to any other window cause such error - instant "Pause."

Is not that weird at least?!

As for clear windows install - well, since there is NO PROGRAM AT ALL that behave in such weird/crazy way, then there will be absolutely no difference on absolutely fresh and clean Windows. I think that first the "Paused" bug, each time I click anywhere, should be eradicated first.
In current state, YTD cannot be used to download videos from YouTube, witch suxx a lot :(
How can I do to isolate it? Happens for me every time now. It was not happening when I start using YTD ... and then, after some updates, it start.

What can I test more that I already did?
Sorry for suspecting YTD from any wrongdoing in the 3h from 10h video case  ;)

On the other hand, YTD bug "Nepodařilo se stáhnout stránku informací o médiu" still exist. Sadly...  What can I do to help with killing it?
Good idea. Just tested on WinXP SP1a machine and worked flawlessly... now lets try others...

On Win7 SP1 it does not work - untill so many tries, as you can see:

(today is obviously "make damn f*cking lame booooooring videos" day)

Time for WinXP SP3 machine test.


Nope. It "seems" to increase my chances to exit all apps and stop the YewTube video from playing before exiting FF, but it still took many, many retry to get it started with the download.

Futhermore I have to report that there is a bug - only 3h 15min downloaded from 10h video!

Damn. Same is happening using the website (webm format = fast download, no conversion)

So if you can download the whole file for audio extract, then pls reup it somewhere. Thanks!
It get only 1 119.2 MB from the file, witch decoded (FFMpeg) report 10h, but actually only 3h 15min of data are present (that is consistent of the video size, witch is why I mention it as bug) ...

Don't you just *love* it, when a simple GF request find out so stupid limitation of some program(s)?!

...and it did not look much better with other apps too, besides they *claim* to get full 10h, I have my doubts. I seen 10h in FFMpeg too, but then it show only few "frames" and ended up with only 3h of audio:

PS. done, strike that last "bug." Microsoft wav limitation was found to be 3h 15min.

Yea, that come from people who once claimed that 640k should be enought for everybody. Okay. Microsoft strikes again!

See the conversion w/o wav works well:
ffmpeg -i x.webm -acodec libmp3lame -b:a 128k x.mp3

...and hoooray! 10h done and working, no bug in YTD that cut the downloaded file to 3h exist. Ufff.
Well, it is already established, that your computer(s) are quite abnormal, since the forum error with the email template is not happening to you, but to everyone else beside you it is (or it was - no error while these two posts had been made) happening.

So, that is for start. Now we got serious  ;D

1) your explaination (there is a hidden bad program, that prevent YTD from network accessing) fail miserably to explain why in the end, the download IS started - so unless you come with better explaination that cover this "little" hole in your teory, then this teory is dismissed.

2) great that you try different computers, so do I and there you have video from the failure(s) in progress:
(it have a nice music at least)

Now I can say this: this behaviour of YTD is started happening few months back (never ever *EVER* before) and it is happening on WinXP SP3 machine, as well, as on WinXP SP1a machine... and as you can see on Win7 SP1 machine too, where I recorded the video above.
As you can see, in both cases the video started the download, so there is *NOTHING* that block YTD requests or net access. That is proven by downloading all but this the one video:

Witch is somewhat unsupported ATM.

The Win7 SP1 is my GF machine and it is completely clean (besides few games, Firefox... and that mostly it is). No firewall or antivir on all tested computers. All are connected to the network behind a hardware firewall NetGear WGR614, but that it is. Port forwarding is only for my main machine and these are very very high ports that are used: = 65335 - 65534

There are all the links, all in the end get downloaded but this first one not:

...if you manage to DL it, pls upload it to ulozto or anywhere else and hit me with link to download it, because I have to go search for downloader that can DL it now :(

PS. discard that request, this page let me save the video easily:
Hoooray, downloading now :)
And why, if this "other program is causing YTD to not acess network" is true, does these errors (after many, many retries) go away?

Since I have no Antivir or firewall, it does not make slightest sense...
QuoteThe error "Nepodařilo se stáhnout stránku informací o médiu" is getting worser and worser. Please, please fix!

QuoteHow? It doesn't appear on my systems. How do you propose that I locate the problem?

Try using another computer. WinXP SP3 there. The problem is getting serious. VERY serious. To the point that starting download is next to impossible.

QuoteIt took like 20 attempts or more before the download start on YewTube and always - ALWAYS - YTD report the error ASAP - eg. there is NO WAIT AT ALL. Immediatelly it report "Nepodařilo se stáhnout stránku informací o médiu." ... There is NO WAIT. Not at all.

QuoteThat would be consistent with the theory that something in your computer is blocking YTD from accessing the net.

But there is not running ANYTHING at all. Nothing. No firewall, no nothing. I blocking adverts using hosts file:
...and that it is. How do you propose we check this idea of ours now?

QuotePlease add there wait, allow YewTube to react, please!

QuoteThe default timeout YTD uses is 30 seconds.

There dreaded error kick in ALWAYS immediatelly. Now there is no way to start the download. No way at all.

Example of few videos my GF wanted to download for the music:

And - no go. No go at ALL. Always it show immediatelly the cursed error that it "Nepodařilo se stáhnout stránku informací o médiu"  >:(  Pls help!
The error "Nepodařilo se stáhnout stránku informací o médiu" is getting worser and worser. Please, please fix!

It took like 20 attempts or more before the download start on YewTube and always - ALWAYS - YTD report the error ASAP - eg. there is NO WAIT AT ALL. Immediatelly it report "Nepodařilo se stáhnout stránku informací o médiu." ... There is NO WAIT. Not at all.

Please add there wait, allow YewTube to react, please!
Thank you.

PS. It was not intentional, I just expected that the support for means support for thw whole server, not just for a part of it...
O tomto webu / Re: Bugy fóra
December 19, 2014, 11:16:24 AM
Stále to po každém příspěvku v již existujícím tématu hodí hlášku:

"The email template "notify_boards_reply" could not be found."

Ničemu to ale, zdáse, neva... mimo tedy zmatení uživatele, co to má sakra jako být...
Software / Re: YTD a Nova Plus+iVysílání
December 19, 2014, 11:14:48 AM
A jak to vypadá s TV Nova podporou? Stáhnout TV noviny se mi zatím nedaří, háže to chybu, že prý "Stahování tohoto obsahu není podporováno."  ???

Nefungovalo to už v minulosti? To zas Nova něco změnila, aby to nešlo?
Discussion in english / Re: Youtube & https - doesn't work
September 21, 2014, 06:04:23 PM
I do not have antivirus, nor firewall (except a HW one in router) and things sometimes simply refuse to work at all  :-\ No idea why. Mostly it works, but there sometimes happen weird cases, where everything has to be shut down in order to get the video.
Well, sorry about it, but that is the main content ( /porady/ ) one is looking for, so... I did not think that this is misleading at all.

So, can they work too... please?