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Discussion in english / Possible support for
January 29, 2016, 08:36:35 PM
My friend pointed me to hilarious interview for p0rn with crazy biatch and I believe this is significantly funny, that it should be stored, before someone take it down. The URL is NOT WORK SAFE:

The video give this link for sharing:

...but neither one work in YTD. Could this support be added? Hard or easy site...?  ;)
No, this is not any 3D movie at all. And VirtualDub is the latest version, so it is not about older player... the file is wrong, that YTD produced. See the different size argument...
I have a little bugreport. Using latest YTD v1.54.20160112 I downloaded this video:

Sadly, the result is unplayable (BSPlayer crash) and in VD it looks this way:

So I used webpage
Keep the default settings and get a 113 229 126 bytes long (as oposed to smaller 92 690 623 byted from YTD) file that plays and works good (or as supposed to be).

Is this bug reproductable for foxing, or I need to do more? (Win7 SP1 used).
Oh, thanks! I never noticed or tested it out yet...  and purporse of my reply was not a bump for the support. Just an reaction, that is all.

No idea, why you are so startled, but what can I do, when I have no idea what I do wrong...  :-[
Ooops, it worked, just the video have only 605kBy, so I thought it was an error. There is no higher quality on Facebook, like it is on YewTube, right?

If that is true, then I have to apology, my mistake. Facebook video download works good!
Thank you once again for the possibility to download these streams, mate!  ;) Keep up the good work!
Hi Pepak! Talking about streaming videos, Facebook vids beginning to be quite common. They are possible to download thru - for example, but could a YTD support be made too? There is a good testing link:

Any chances, please...?  ;)
QuoteI am not interested in any kind of political talk at my website. I don't care which side you argue for, you will not do it here.

Well, you brought mine reply by your comment:

Quotesupporting, as I try not to make difference between sites even if some of them make me puke

...on witch I was responding. So, if you are not interesed in any kind of politics there (I agree that it has no place there), the you should not have started it and you have to apply your rules especially on - you :) I happily oblige talking ony about YTD related stuff. But you made it sounds like that I was enjoying watching "2 girls one cup" video, hence the response, that you are speaking against most watched YewTube network, so...

Let's just get on with the support, pls :) Some videos did not stay for very long on YewTube, so sometimes is the only source...
Discussion in english / Re:
January 10, 2016, 04:49:40 PM
Slight bump for a chance of support?
Thanks for the tip, mp4 found!

...and yes, it contain what I want. And good to know that support for RT can be added. Great!

As for the "some of them make me puke", then, well, you probably prefer these "news":
;D  ;D  ;D

These "news"? You gotta be kidding me :)


Im no fan of Ruskies, however since my Russian is a little bit rusty, I go for their US made news, witch are made by US citizens and w/o any censorship or directions from Kremlin. On top of that, they usually invite experts from all of the world to get broad spectrum of views on certain issues - watch Crosstalk, for example:

Also you should notice that RT become most watched network on YewTube:

And for good reasons. Hence I suggest, if something is making you puke, then you should not eat the GMO crap or stuff made by exStB Bureš guy :)
Discussion in english / Possible suppoer for ...?
December 22, 2015, 09:04:25 PM
Faced with obvious YewTube censorship, RT decided to keep their videos on their server too. So ... this is a good thing for diversifaing the sources abd backing up things, however ... how can we download their videos off from their server? For example this one:

The link goes:

Could the support will be added?  ;)
(pretty please with suggar on top?)
Discussion in english /
December 20, 2015, 09:52:02 PM
Hi Pepak! Good work with YTD - can support be added for server?

Example of URL link:

...and it cannot be downloaded by anything - sadly. Any chances for support, mate?
Looks like (when I had to manualy update on the v1.52 from 1.50) that the support for /porady on CT is working now, the document is being downloaded:

Hoooray for that! Thanks!  ;)

PS. ten původní díl je zde:
...a sthování také funguje, děkuji mnohokrát!
YouTube come with clever way to reduce the downloading of the highest quality 1080p content:
Many videos (like this one: or ) have only the 720p videos WITH sound. 1080p videos are w/o sound.

Downloadable for example there:

Now it is possible to combine the audio from 720p videos with the 1080p video in VirtualDub, but how can be YTD told to download the 1080p videos? I see no way ATM. Maybe it could be changed...?
Software / Re: YTD a Nova Plus+iVysílání
June 18, 2015, 09:51:09 PM
Sakra... někdo by to mohlo nějak aktializovat nebo vyřešit... i kdyby to mělo být zatím po částech... ostatně spojovat stream by neměl být takový problém...?

Nevím. Prosím prosím aby se s tím pohlo...  :-[